Music Review: “Heartworms,” The Shins

It’s been five years too long since Albuquerque-based indie rock band The Shins put out their last album. Continue reading “Music Review: “Heartworms,” The Shins”


My Top 10: Places to Eat or Hang in Besançon, France

Studying abroad isn’t easy at first. I’ll say that much. So this Top 10 is for all of those planning to study abroad in Besançon next semester or anytime in the future, based on my own personal experiences. I’m hoping this list will help you out and allow you to check out some cool spots that this fun, little city has to offer, from restaurants to bars to clubs. Each is a necessity, and if I could include more, believe me I would. Unfortunately, I have to limit myself here, and this is a pretty good start. Continue reading “My Top 10: Places to Eat or Hang in Besançon, France”

Local Muralist on Wheels

By age 8, Hudson Valley-based artist Eugene Stetz had already been through all 50 states.

As a traveling muralist, he has celebrated the dead in Mexico City, painting colorful sugar skulls and skeletons. He has painted murals in towns as far east as Kingston, New York and as west as Oakland, California with so many others in between. Continue reading “Local Muralist on Wheels”

Passion For Printmaking: Student Printmakers Share and Sell Designs

Being a member of SUNY New Paltz Print Club is like having a taste of running a small business.

This student-run organization has been around for decades, selling and printing their own designs and artwork onto shirts and patches, while also making and selling their own pins.

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Digging Deep for the Underground

New Paltz’s underground music scene is a trademark of this hip, college town. Many are familiar with the weekly shows at Snug’s Harbor, and sometimes even the shows next door in a neighbor’s basement. But New Paltz is lucky enough to also have shows right on its very own college campus, thanks to New Paltz Music Collective (NPMC).

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