Amanda Copkov Reflects On Her Time at The New Paltz Oracle

I will never forget my first day at The New Paltz Oracle. I was nervous about joining because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Continue reading “Amanda Copkov Reflects On Her Time at The New Paltz Oracle


Music Review: “Heartworms,” The Shins

It’s been five years too long since Albuquerque-based indie rock band The Shins put out their last album. Continue reading “Music Review: “Heartworms,” The Shins”

My Top 10: Places to Eat or Hang in Besançon, France

Studying abroad isn’t easy at first. I’ll say that much. So this Top 10 is for all of those planning to study abroad in Besançon next semester or anytime in the future, based on my own personal experiences. I’m hoping this list will help you out and allow you to check out some cool spots that this fun, little city has to offer, from restaurants to bars to clubs. Each is a necessity, and if I could include more, believe me I would. Unfortunately, I have to limit myself here, and this is a pretty good start. Continue reading “My Top 10: Places to Eat or Hang in Besançon, France”

Bohemian Rhapsody

Out of the 335 days in the year that have passed so far, I have only been at my home on Long Island a calculated 27 days. Between studying abroad this past spring and living in New Paltz over the summer, this makes sense. But ultimately, this means that of all the days that have already gone by during 2016, I’ve only been home on Long Island a whopping 8 percent (yes, I really did the math).

Upon driving back for Thanksgiving break last Tuesday with my friend Jess, I felt a little anxious to finally be going home again after three months. I kind of forgot what it felt like. And aside from being happy to see my friends and family again and also being able to relax for the first time in awhile, I remembered my love-hate relationship with this strange island I call home. So I’ve compiled a list. Continue reading “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Au Revoir, For Now

So, I’ve always liked astrology. Whether or not I know it’s completely accurate is a different story, but I’ve always found some comfort in reading about my star sign and thinking to myself, “Yeah, that sounds like me.”

I was born on May 17. This makes me a Taurus. Under this star sign, I am considered reliable, practical, patient, indulgent, stubborn and a lover of stability. That being said, I don’t like change. I’m pretty sure I never have and that statement is true to this day.

Continue reading “Au Revoir, For Now”