My Top 10: New Orleans, Louisiana Attractions

After clocking about 50 hours driving from New York to Louisiana and back, I can happily say that I made it back from my spring break in New Orleans in one piece.

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New Paltz’s Little Slice of Italy

The SUNY New Paltz Italian Club has been adding some culture to campus since its inception in the spring of 2015.  Continue reading “New Paltz’s Little Slice of Italy”

More Than Your Average Bookstore

New Paltz is a town built on its history. From being home to Huguenot Street, one of the oldest streets in the United States, to being mere miles away from the Mohonk Mountain House, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the longest standing bookstores in the Hudson Valley resides within the village’s confines as well.

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Notable Women Offer Career Advice

Preparing for life after graduation is inevitable. SUNY New Paltz students are lucky enough to get some perspective from alumnae who have already been in their shoes.

SUNY New Paltz alumnae and other distinguished women came to shed some light on students and soon-to-be graduates at the College’s third annual Women’s Leadership Summit this Wednesday. Continue reading “Notable Women Offer Career Advice”

SUNY New Paltz Builds a Wall of Its Own

Meg Tohill contributed reporting to this story.

Students, alumni and faculty of SUNY New Paltz decided to take things into their own hands regarding President Donald Trump’s proposed wall for the border between the United States and Mexico this past Monday: by building a “better” wall of their own. Continue reading “SUNY New Paltz Builds a Wall of Its Own”

In the Name of Life and Love


October 14. Jack and Mario’s “Bon Jovi” themed pajama party. The party idea was idiotic in theory but that’s why everyone loved it. We’re all drunk off gin-bucket and other variations of alcohol mixed with something else, juice or maybe soda. The music is blaring from the living room. Everyone’s here. All of our friends. In a happy, drunken daze we’re all smiling and dancing and “Hey Ya” is playing in the background, a classic song of adolescence.

But something is missing.

I feel it, and I know Becca feels it.

What is it?

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