Notable Women Offer Career Advice

Preparing for life after graduation is inevitable. SUNY New Paltz students are lucky enough to get some perspective from alumnae who have already been in their shoes.

SUNY New Paltz alumnae and other distinguished women came to shed some light on students and soon-to-be graduates at the College’s third annual Women’s Leadership Summit this Wednesday. Continue reading “Notable Women Offer Career Advice”

SUNY New Paltz Builds a Wall of Its Own

Meg Tohill contributed reporting to this story.

Students, alumni and faculty of SUNY New Paltz decided to take things into their own hands regarding President Donald Trump’s proposed wall for the border between the United States and Mexico this past Monday: by building a “better” wall of their own. Continue reading “SUNY New Paltz Builds a Wall of Its Own”

In the Name of Life and Love


October 14. Jack and Mario’s “Bon Jovi” themed pajama party. The party idea was idiotic in theory but that’s why everyone loved it. We’re all drunk off gin-bucket and other variations of alcohol mixed with something else, juice or maybe soda. The music is blaring from the living room. Everyone’s here. All of our friends. In a happy, drunken daze we’re all smiling and dancing and “Hey Ya” is playing in the background, a classic song of adolescence.

But something is missing.

I feel it, and I know Becca feels it.

What is it?

Where’s Tom? Continue reading “In the Name of Life and Love”

My Top 10: Places to Eat or Hang in Besançon, France

Studying abroad isn’t easy at first. I’ll say that much. So this Top 10 is for all of those planning to study abroad in Besançon next semester or anytime in the future, based on my own personal experiences. I’m hoping this list will help you out and allow you to check out some cool spots that this fun, little city has to offer, from restaurants to bars to clubs. Each is a necessity, and if I could include more, believe me I would. Unfortunately, I have to limit myself here, and this is a pretty good start. Continue reading “My Top 10: Places to Eat or Hang in Besançon, France”

Proposed Building Strikes Controversy

Zero Place, a proposed mixed-use, net-zero energy usage building has faced scrutiny from neighbors in the Village of New Paltz.

The building is to be located on the corner of Mulberry St. and North Chestnut St. within the Neighborhood Business Residential (NBR) zoning district of New Paltz. Residents of New Paltz, particularly those living or working in the historic district and surrounding streets such as Henry W. Dubois Drive, have raised concerns about this potential new project, Village Planning Board Chairman Michael Zierler said. Continue reading “Proposed Building Strikes Controversy”

Regional Success Showcased at SUNY New Paltz

The Hudson Valley has been thriving in recent years, and its future is looking even brighter.

That’s why on Friday, Nov. 18, SUNY New Paltz hosted its inaugural Hudson Valley Future Summit (HVFS) on campus, highlighting the region’s growing success in the arts, cuisine, engineering, agriculture, advanced manufacturing and education. According to the event page, “The Valley has become a model for the pursuit of new ideas and inventive projects amid a spirit of neighborly collaboration and beautiful natural surroundings.”

The event introduced over 50 speakers living and working in the Hudson Valley, including Foursquare co-founder Dennis Crowley, New Yorker writer and cartoonist Liza Donnelly and actress Geraldine Hughes, among many others. Continue reading “Regional Success Showcased at SUNY New Paltz”

Local Muralist on Wheels

By age 8, Hudson Valley-based artist Eugene Stetz had already been through all 50 states.

As a traveling muralist, he has celebrated the dead in Mexico City, painting colorful sugar skulls and skeletons. He has painted murals in towns as far east as Kingston, New York and as west as Oakland, California with so many others in between. Continue reading “Local Muralist on Wheels”